Welcome to Small Batch at PHP



Now that the dust from our epic launch party has settled, it's time to get into what Small Batch at PHP is all about!


Batch Brewing Co and Public House Petersham (PHP) have both been Inner West Community institutions for roughly five years now. The Batch site in Marrickville is famous for high-quality craft beers such as their American Pale Ale, Pash the Magic Dragon Sour Ale and Hopsy Mozy Nitro IPA. Demand for their beers has now reached a point where they have the opportunity to expand while staying true to their original ethos of creating a diverse range of both accessible and experimental brews.  PHP has been a supporter of Batch since inception so provides the perfect location for beer-lovers to enjoy Batch’s commitment to experimentation and collaboration in their new brewery and tasting room. 


We've long been associated with driving the popularity of craft beer and craft brewers throughout the Inner West. Famous for our epic carpark parties, delicious boundary-pushing food and community events such as Throttle Roll and Pigfest, we're a natural home for the new brewery. Guests can also expect plenty of delicious beer-inspired food, with Head Chef James Elliott making the most of fresh beer and spent grain from the brewery in his delicious menu. 


The new Batch Nano-brewery is dedicated to creating the most original brews that the Batch team can come up with. Expect new favourites and some really experimental brews as well as a bunch of community collaborations. The public tasting bar will host a selection of cans and bottled condition brews for purchase that won’t be available anywhere else as well as a number of collaborative events between PHP and Batch. 


“We’re at a point where we need to expand but we want to stay true to what we believe craft beer is about while staying true to our community. As such, we’ve decided to go smaller, rather than go bigger. We wanted to find a place where we can create conceptual brews, while still serving our community.”  - Andrew Fineran; Founder of Batch Brewing Co.


“Batch and PHP have been supporting each other since day one. Batch was one of the first beers ever tapped at PHP and since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength. They’ve always been massive supporters of our community initiatives, which is something that is equally important to them. This next phase just made sense to us.” Gem Williamson; General Manager of PHP.